Headbangers Brawl Tournament Breakdown

What do you get for your 260.00?

  1. A Ticket to the Draft party. These are typically one of the highlights of the tournament. Our draft is several months before the tournament to get everyone’s custom jerseys ordered and allow for mad smack talking. Did someone say free beer? That too. “These are held local and will have an online presence this year for remote players.
  2. Exclusive Headbangers Brawl Designed Jersey and socks in your desired size with your desired number. Sorry no names on these bad boys.
  3. A Jersey Pickup Party. This is the day before the tournament starts. Come get your jersey and socks and some beers on us. This is where we give out the free swag.
  4. Social Event - Based on the hockey schedule (Usually Friday Night)
  5. Player of the game awards
  6. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Wood, and Toilet Bowl awards
  7. Brawl Special Playoff Format – Every team has a chance to win a trophy on Sunday in our two division winner take all playoff format.

Division 1            Division 2

1st           VS           1st           winner take all for the Gold "Ring"

2nd         VS           2nd          winner take all for the Silver Medal

3rd          VS           3rd           winner take all for the Bronze Medal

4th          VS           4th           winner take all for the Wood Medal

5th         VS          5th           winner gets the Toilet Bowl       "In a ten team format"

  • 4 games guaranteed
  • Lots of pictures and tournament merchandise available.
  • Fun with new and old friends in new cities….A hockey weekend to remember.

The Ratings:

We put a lot of time in this and have a historical database. We start by giving every player a rating 1-15 based on our discovery. We also will have rating sheets at the rink so that you can rate players in real time as they skate. This will help with future Brawls if someone in under or over rated.

Rating 15-11= The Rock Stars - These players are upper C level or higher talented players. These high rated 15's will be on the "potential ringer list" These folks are certainly welcome into Headbangers Brawl but must "get it " That this is not a ultra competitive, win at all cost, Tournament. It is based off of C & D level skaters having a tournament they can compete in. If they don't play a team game and skate within the "speed of the game" they can be subject to "the ringer rule" which will limit them to 1 goal per game or removal from the tournament without refund. Make sure you are here to have fun and party like a Rockstar!

Rating 10-8 = Potential or Former Rockstar's - Very solid all around C level skater, just below Ringer Status or an aging Rockstar that can still perform. 

Rating 7-5= The Bass Player - Every band has one of these and they usually don't stand out to much....Yep that is what this tournament is based on. Good fun loving hockey players that know the game and try to reproduce that on the ice. This group most likely plays on multiple teams and plays around a lower C / D level. There is a fine line between a 6 and a 10 so this will be the hardest group to rate, but also the largest group to rate.

Rating 4-1= The Opening Act - No disrespect intended here but this group is either on there way up, "no doubt with all the best gear man can buy" or they are on their way down "with some true been there done that stories to tell".  Which ever way they are headed they are doing it with passion!

Sources of rating - are friends, teammates, opponents, and rink website Stats help determine this rating.


The Draft:

All players besides the Rockstar's will be placed in groups of 2 by the tournament based on their desired position and skill level. That will help balance the draft and speed up the process. If you wish to skate with a family member groups of 2 are the most we can accommodate.

The VIP players have already filled the first 4 spots on each team plus a goalie. The first round draft order will be based on the combined rating for all 5 VIP members.

Each Round we will re-seed based on combine team rating.

First Round - The Rockstar Round - Each team will choose a Rockstar for their roster. We will then re rank the teams for the next round based on combined team rating.

Second Round and Beyond - Group Round - Each team will pick any of the groups on the draft board until all groups are gone. We will re rank the teams after every round.

The Fuck That Pass

***Sorry Rockstar's this cannot be used in the first round.***

The Group FUCK THAT PASS - With a 50 dollar donation to 7Element Hockey  you can have the power to veto the team that drafts you and say thanks but “Fuck That”. That stops them from drafting you in that round and forces them to choose someone else. You can only do this once so group members need to have a plan.  If you use a “Fuck That “ pass, your group partner can not veto it. He or She is fucked. To use it all you have to do is yell it out or scream it out on the zoom meeting before the next pick is announced. Once you say it you are locked in to the donation. If you don't pay you will be tortured by a bunch of veterans with experience in waterboarding.

The Team FUCK THAT PASS - With a 100 dollar donation to 7Element Hockey you can have the power to block another teams draft pick, forcing them to choose another group. This is only good for round 2 and beyond. Only one FUCK THAT Team pass can be purchased and they cannot be bought or sold by any other team. Once you yell it out your team is committed to the donation. You must agree among yourselves how it is split up. If you don't pay you will be tortured by a bunch of veterans with experience in waterboarding.

You have till the tournament starts to make your donation.

Who Is 7Element - 7Element is a Nashville based non profit organization that provides free ice time to active duty, veterans and first responders for the purpose of comradery and to help them clear their minds and play a sport they love. Unlike any other non profit I have seen, ALL their staff are volunteers. That means every penny goes to the program in some way shape or form. Brian Bailey and Tony Thomas are the founders and also play in our tournaments.  here is the donation link - http://7element.org/donate

*** Trades are allowed at the draft and only groups can be traded. No individual players can be traded with the exception of Rockstar's***


3 Choices

VIP – 260.00 paid in full. Gets you to pick your team (4 per team) and a goalie. This lets you bring some skating buddies as a small core of the team. “These typically sell out quick”

Deposit – 100.00 this gets you on the draft board and saves you a spot in the tournament.

Balance due – 160.00 due 30 days after the draft.


Rules and Refunds

*** In the case of a pandemic or natural disaster Headbangers Brawl reserve the right make move to keep everything balanced and keeping teams competitive.***

*** Full refunds are allowed up till 60 days prior to the event. Anything within 60 days will be handled on a case by case basis based on a replacement player on the wait list paying for your spot. ***

***If you are a ringer and somehow slide through the cracks and are not playing within the speed and skill of the game, we will evoke the ringer rule that only allows you to score 1 goal a game. If you still don't play within the speed and skill of the game Headbangers Brawl reserves the right to remove you from the tournament at any time without a refund***

*** No non tournament subs at any time. If a team falls below 10 skaters they may ask the tournament director to add players from other teams. This will need approval. ***

*** You cannot sell your spot at any time for any reason or give your spot to another player. Work with the tournament director to help you if you need to cancel for any reason. ***

*** No Fighting! Yeah we are Headbangers Brawl but that doesn’t mean you can Brawl. Have Fun, Play hard, but cheap shots and fighters stay home. ***

Headbangers Brawl Tournament

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